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Fenella Smith’s New Dotty Collection

Fenella Smith’s New Dotty Collection

Fenella SmithDiscover an array of beautiful new tableware with Fenella Smith’s latest Dotty Collection. Filled with whimsical flavour and inspired by memories from the past, the new Dotty Collection is handmade and produced from a beautiful creamy earthenware.

On a recent visit to her parents’ family home, Fenella spent the day sorting through boxes and rediscovering memories with her brothers. Brimming with nostalgia, she found a childhood painting filled with brightly coloured dots, and cleverly labelled ‘A little bit Dotty’. Thus, the inspiration behind the new Dotty Collection started to flourish.

An elegant, fresh and poetically cheerful selection of tableware. Fenella Smith’s first complete ceramic dining set is ideal for creating a beautiful table setting and enjoying a good meal with family and friends.

Each colourful dot is hand decorated in soft pinks, yellows and blues. The strong slip cast tableware combines good old fashion quality with modern practicality.

Consisting of mugs, jugs, a bowl, plate and a little bowl, the new Dotty Collection is sure to bring a playful sense of charm to both the kitchen and the dining room this season. Prices start at £14.15 for Mini Mug.



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